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Melanies Videos & Mels Swingers Movies

We know that many of you in the past have probably bought some of Melanie's DVDs but we now bring you something even better - Melanies Swingers Videos on Demand & Mels PPV Vids !

"So what's different?" We hear you ask, well with Melanies DVDs & VOD you don't buy the movies and wait for the DVD to turn up in the post, you rent the film by downloading or streaming it to your computer or laptop and watch it as often as you want within the rental period! or better still why not try Swingers

  • 48 hour streaming rental - choose which of Melanie's Videos you want to watch pay and then stream it to your computer for instant adult movies viewing!
  • Extended rental downloads - if you want longer to watch the films then choose the download option for 7 or 30 days and watch the film as often as you want!
  • Download to own - if you like Mel's Vids that much that you want your own computer copy you can buy a licience to watch the films forever!
  • Pay-per-minute - if you want to watch bits now & again you can add minutes to your account and then the time you spend is deducted from this total. Swingers dvds

To watch any of Melanie's Videos you have to be at least 18 or of legal age in the country you live / Real Swingers / Free swingers photos

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