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Double Penitration VoD DPs Video Streaming

Why just have one when you can get a double penitration for the same price?! With hundreds of movies all availble through videos on demand you can choose whether you want to be streaming or downloading the films to your computer!

Also referred to as DPs the girls on the receiving end of these double penitrations prove that two into one does go and boy do they enjoy getting two stiff cocks rammed in their wet fannies or tight arses!

There are many variations of a DP so it could be two dicks in a cunt or two in an ass penitration or more commonly one guy penitrating each hole! Some people will also include a blowjob at the same time as a fuck, although this is generally called a spit-roast. Of course there is also the possibility of females performing double penitrations on themselves or another girl using dildos or vibrators (or other objects) instead of a penis!

New double penitration videos on demand:

  • DP Sluts
  • Double Dipped Chocolate Honies
  • Double Penitration Virgins
  • Double Decker Extreme
  • DP Initiations
  • Double Vag 3
  • Double Dickin'
  • Truly Madly DP

So if you subscribe to the 'two is better than one' philosophy of life or you just want some tips on how to get into the right positions ready for your next threesome session then get downloading or streaming the DPs movies now! Alternitively you can just just choose to watch seleted scenes containing the DP action with the pay-per-view movie option!

If you want to hire any DP videos you must be 18 - if not please click here to leave! Site Map