Melanies DVDs Mels Real Amateur Brit Swingers DVD

Melanie DVD and her great crewe look for yet more horny couples, great amateur swingers action from the Melanie's DVD crewe - Real UK swingers all videoed by the queen of swinging that's Miss Melanie herself !

Melanies Amateurs Videos

Say the word Melanie to any swinger and her will say its just about the best swingers dvds you can watch and really give you a great insight into the lives of swingers at homes, parties & gangbang fuck's videoed at some of the best UK swingers clubs going around the UK

We have featured direct links to buy Melanies DVDs - but more movies are being added so follow the link for the full list

if you look above you've see that many of melanies swingers DVDs are now being offered in cheap DVD packs, so this means you can but either volume 1 & 2 or 3 & 4 inside a double DVD pack for £25!! that's £12 a DVD

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These Melanie's DVDs are for adult purchase supplied via store based in spain

If you want to watch any of the Melanies dvds Videos you have to be at least 18 or of legal age in the country you live Site Map / Swingers Photos