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Melanies Video Downloading

How can you download videos to own?

If you just love Melanies Movies and you want to watch them over & over again but not necessarily within a 30 day time limit then we offer you the perfect solution - download Mels film, buy a licence for that film and keep it forever!

Check out the benefits of buying the download Melanies Adult Movies:

  • Instant download - you don't have to wait around for Mels DVD to come in the post or have the embarrassment of going to a local sex shop to choose your films
  • Cost - around £12.95 depending on the film but this allows you to re-download the movie should you delete it at any time, plus you can download the same film to up to three other computers
  • Format - you need to have Windows Media Player installed onto your computer to view the films and we suggest that you have a fast broadband connection for the initial download
  • Quality - just like the rental downloads you can watch the films at full screen with perfect DVD quality and this wont change even if you watch the film hundreds of times!
  • Membership - once you have paid for and downloaded your Melanies Video or other adult film, that's it unless you want to buy/rent another movie but your account stays active for you should you want more films or need to download the video again

So now you know all about buying films for download so click 'watch now' above to be taken to the buy Melanies Movies pages!
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